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Regional Planning and Community Engagement

Regional Planning and Community Engagement

A reliable supply of electricity is essential to supporting community growth – powering homes, schools, businesses, hospitals and transportation. Engaging with communities is an important part of maintaining a reliable electricity supply, now and in the future.

IESO Regional Electricity Networks

The networks are an opportunity for community members to hear first-hand about issues or innovations impacting Ontario’s electricity sector and provide input into future electricity planning. Topics covered will reflect the unique needs and characteristics of your community, and will range from reducing your municipality’s electricity costs to developing energy plans that support local economic development. Join a network in your region.

GTA and Central Ontario

The five planning regions and sub-regions in the GTA and Central Ontario area includes all of the Greater Toronto Area, stretches north to Parry Sound/Muskoka, and roughly spans the area from Meaford to Minden.

East Ontario

The East Ontario area includes four planning regions that spans the area from Port Hope to the Ottawa Valley and Renfrew.

Northeast Ontario

The four planning regions in Northeast Ontario span from Sudbury/Algoma to north of Moosonee.

Northwest Ontario

The single regional planning area for Northwest Ontario has been divided into four planning sub-regions. Information on the remote community connection plan can also be found in this section.