Engaging Communities

A reliable supply of electricity is essential to supporting community growth – powering homes, schools, businesses, hospitals and transportation. Engaging with communities is an important part of maintaining a reliable electricity supply, now and in the future.

The IESO works closely with municipalities, regional governments, Indigenous communities and other partners to understand local electricity requirements and priorities and identify the best options to meet growing needs.

Community Outreach

Community engagement is the first step in all electricity planning, ensuring that fair and balanced decisions are made about Ontario’s energy future. The IESO's community outreach efforts:

  • Provide communities with greater voice and responsibility
  • Reinforce how local electricity planning influences provincial planning
  • Connect planning and procurement
  • Enhance electricity system awareness
  • Improve access to information
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Your Regional Electricity Network

Ontario is divided into five regional electricity networks that share news and updates and provide communities with opportunities to share input on the future of electricity panning in their regions.

Learn more about participating in electricity discussions that impact your community by visiting the community engagement webpage.

Indigenous Communities

Indigenous communities play an active role in shaping Ontario’s energy sector in the areas of conservation, generation and new transmission projects. The IESO works with Indigenous communities to promote equitable participation in Ontario’s energy sector and support community capacity building.
Learn more about how Indigenous communities are shaping Ontario's electricity sector.


Municipalities prepare community energy plans, provide energy conservation programs and own small-scale electricity generators. Many municipalities also own the local hydro company that is responsible for delivering electricity to homes and businesses in your community, contributing to local jobs and supporting the local economy. Municipalities also engage in policy discussions impacting the electricity system, such as decarbonization and electrification, to ensure local needs are considered and met.
Learn more about how municipalities contribute to electricity sector transformation.


The IESO’s stakeholder engagement activities give organizations and businesses the opportunity to provide input on proposed changes to the electricity system that impact them. The IESO hosts engagement events year-round to gather public and sector feedback that helps make Ontario’s electricity system more reliable, affordable and sustainable.
Learn more about how stakeholders can provide input and feedback.

Working with Our Sector Partners | About the IESO

The IESO works with our electricity sector partners to ensure electricity remains reliable, affordable and sustainable today and tomorrow.