Electricity Explained Video Series

Ontario’s electricity system is a complex and interconnected network of suppliers, transmitters, distributors and customers. The IESO works at the centre of the sector, ensuring each of these parts works together to ensure reliable, affordable and sustainable electricity. Watch these short video explainers to learn more about how the IESO operates Ontario's electricity system.

Featured Video: Imports and Exports

Ontario’s grid is connected to electricity systems in neighbouring provinces and states, allowing it to be both an importer and exporter of electricity. Being a part of a larger North American network is an advantage for electricity customers in Ontario – it helps maintain the affordability, reliability and sustainability of Ontario’s electricity system.

Energy Storage: Powering Ontario's Communities

Energy storage has many benefits for communities, including supporting the integration of renewable resources, spurring economic development and providing back-up power during emergencies.


About the IESO

The IESO works at the heart of Ontario’s power system managing the grid, overseeing the electricity market and planning electricity system infrastructure.

Balancing Supply and Demand

The IESO manages supply and demand in real-time, ensuring that Ontarians have the electricity they need when they need it.

Pathways to Decarbonization

As Ontario’s electricity system planner, the IESO is taking action to help prepare the grid for decarbonization.

What is an Electricity Market

Electricity, like other commodities, is made by suppliers and then sold to customers. In Ontario, that process is governed by the wholesale electricity market.

Managing the Power System | About the IESO

The IESO balances supply and demand – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – ensuring that enough electricity is available across the province, when and where it is needed.