Planning for the Future

After years of strong supply, Ontario is entering a period of growing supply needs. To ensure the province’s electricity system can meet these needs, the IESO forecasts Ontario’s electricity demand, evaluates the system’s ability to meet that demand, plans new infrastructure projects and secures new electricity supply.

Forecasting Ontario's Energy Needs

The IESO uses forecasts to inform future infrastructure planning and supply procurement. These forecasts consider many variables, including:

  • The impact weather could have on demand
  • The sector’s ability to make - and deliver - enough power to Ontario’s communities
  • Future electricity demand drivers, such as the opening of new manufacturing plants, electric vehicle uptake and economic sector growth

These forecasts are regularly updated as new information becomes available to signal new project and investment opportunities.

Planning Electricity System Infrastructure

The IESO plans and coordinates the construction of Ontario's high-voltage transmission lines that transport electricity from suppliers to Ontario's communities. This includes: 

  • Coordination between local, regional and provincial electricity system planning
  • Engagement with Indigenous communities, municipalities, individuals and business groups
  • Integration of different forms of electricity supply, weighing the best mix of available options to ensure affordability and reliability
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Securing New Energy Supply

When procuring new resources, the IESO considers a number of factors, including:

  • The cost-effectiveness of different resources and their ability to compete in Ontario's electricity markets
  • The risks, requirements and timelines for developing new equipment and infrastructure
  • The flexibility of different resources to adapt to evolving system needs

Visit the Securing New Energy Supply web page to learn more.

Engaging Communities | About the IESO

The IESO works with Indigenous communities, municipalities, individuals and business groups to ensure Ontario's electricity system is reliable, affordable and sustainable.