Cyber Security

In our highly interconnected and digital world, the ability to deliver reliable power – and maintain a reliable energy infrastructure – requires robust cyber security capabilities. The IESO is leading Ontario’s efforts to boost cyber-protection through collaboration, establishing partnerships and enhancing information exchange and analysis.

The IESO’s Role in Cyber Security

  • Situational Awareness: We gather near real-time cyber security insights on significant electricity sector notices and events.
  • Information Exchange: We maintain a 24/7 Security Operations Centre, a centralized hub that facilitates collaboration with our sector partners.
  • Reliability: We take action to reduce the likelihood of electricity grid disruptions caused by cyber security threats.
  • Best Practices: We develop and share best practices with the broader North American electricity sector.
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Gathering Cyber Security Awareness

Lighthouse is an information-sharing service for transmitters and distributors that is designed to raise awareness of cyber security threats and enable more timely action and responses.

Learn more about the Lighthouse project.

Our Cyber Security Partnerships

The IESO works closely with our electricity sector partners to keep the electricity system safe from cyber-threats.

  • Ontario Energy Board (OEB): We work with the OEB to develop cyber security frameworks for the transmission and distribution sectors.
  • Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (Cyber Centre): We work with the Cyber Centre to identify, address and share knowledge about cyber threats, risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center (E-ISAC): We work with E-ISAC to gather, analyze and share security data that communicates mitigation strategies.

Working with Our Sector Partners | About the IESO

Ensuring there is enough energy to meet Ontario’s needs requires close co-ordination between the many moving parts that make up Ontario’s electricity system.