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With ongoing transformation making system innovation a priority, the IESO is leveraging its position at the heart of the sector to facilitate innovation by supporting, leading or participating in initiatives that will increase the reliability or cost-effectiveness of the electricity system.

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Innovation and Grid Modernization

The IESO is committed to facilitating innovation that will be critical to ensuring today’s needs are met, while anticipating and planning for the electricity system of the future.

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Distributed Energy Resources

Learn how the benefits and impacts of DERs are far ranging - contributing to the reliability, affordability and sustainability of Ontario’s electricity system immediately and with enduring benefits far into the future.

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Hydrogen Innovation Fund

The goal of the Hydrogen Innovation Fund is to investigate, evaluate and demonstrate how low-carbon hydrogen technologies can be integrated into the grid to balance and strengthen Ontario’s reliable electricity system.

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Grid Innovation Fund

The Grid Innovation Fund supports innovation with the potential to achieve significant electricity bill savings for Ontario ratepayers – either by enabling greater competition in Ontario’s electricity markets or by helping customers better manage their energy consumption.

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Interruptible Rate Pilot

Ontario has taken an important step to unlock additional demand-side flexibility by providing large customers with a pilot interruptible rate offering that enables eligible businesses to manage their electricity usage and lower their bills.

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Research and White Papers

Investing in innovation today can pay dividends tomorrow. Research and the IESO’s white paper series aims to deepen the understanding of emerging economic, technical, environmental and social issues that could transform the future of the electricity markets in Ontario.