Project Proposals

The Grid Innovation Fund (GIF) proposal submission window is between May 27, 2024 and July 21, 2024. Please read below for project proposal details.

Grid Innovation Fund 2024 – Electrification and Demand Management

The Grid Innovation Fund (GIF) is issuing a targeted call in 2024 (the 2024 Call) for innovative projects focused on Electrification and Demand Management.

The 2024 Call seeks project proposals that demonstrate how electrification can be achieved in a way that helps address Ontario’s growing electricity demand in the transportation and space and water heating and cooling sectors while maintaining grid reliability, sustainability and affordability for ratepayers. More specifically, the 2024 Call is seeking project proposals under two streams:

  1. Electric Vehicles (EVs) including light, medium, heavy duty vehicles and rail transit
  2. Space and water heating across all sectors, and ventilation and cooling for non-residential weather-sensitive loads

Please see the Proposal Guideline below for more details on the Call.

Guidelines and Agreement

  • GIF Contribution Agreement Template

Prior to submitting a Project Proposal Template for funding under the Grid Innovation Fund, applicants must review and ensure they understand the terms and conditions contained in the Grid Innovation Fund Contribution Agreement. The IESO will not be able to accommodate applicants’ requests for changes to the terms and conditions. The IESO may make amendments to its templates from time to time, at the IESO’s sole discretion. Successful applicants will be required to enter into a Grid Innovation Fund Contribution Agreement, which will be the final, binding agreement that governs the relationship between the parties, which will not be affected by any changes to the templates that are not reflected in the final binding agreement. The final agreement may contain additional terms, conditions and/or schedules, as required by the IESO, including those required as a result of the nature of the project that is the subject of the application. 

Project Proposal Required Documents

Applicants must submit a completed proposal package with the bulleted items listed below, along with all the supporting documents listed in the Project Proposal Guideline (e.g., letters of support, audited financial statements, project team CVs etc.) to the Grid Innovation Fund (GIF) inbox.

Prior to completion of the documents, please review the Project Proposal Guidelines for detailed requirements and the GIF Contribution Agreement Template.

Proposal Submission Timelines

Proposals must be submitted between May 27, 2024 and July 21, 2024 to with the words “Grid Innovation Fund target call” in the subject line. Proposals must be submitted before 11:59pm on July 21st, 2024.

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