Project Proposals

The Grid Innovation Fund (GIF) is not accepting applications at this time.

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The Grid Innovation Fund (GIF) periodically holds a call for proposals through either unsolicited proposal (open calls) or targeted calls for proposals addressing specific opportunities and challenges identified by the IESO.

Open calls will follow a two-stage proposal development process:

  1. Unsolicited basic proposal.
  2. Development of a detailed proposal at IESO invitation. The IESO at its discretion can invite a project proponent to bypass the first stage. The fund will accept unsolicited applications during open intake windows.

Targeted calls will follow a single-stage proposal development process.

Application Form

In advance of the GIF call for proposals, the IESO will post the Proposal Guideline and templates. Applications submitted not using the prescribed template will not be considered.

Project Evaluation Process

An IESO Business & Technical Review Committee will review applications based on:

  • Strategic fit
  • Potential market or program design impact
  • Capacity building impact
  • Market, program or technical advance
  • Project team and partners
  • Local hydro company involvement (if applicable)
  • Project funding
  • Project purpose and outcomes
  • Project design

If the Project Overview Application is accepted, a representative from the Grid Innovation Fund will invite the applicant to submit a full proposal. Allow up to two months for the project proposal to be reviewed, evaluated and revised.