Electricity Toolkit for Municipalities

A Guide to understanding the role communities play in Ontario’s Electricity System

Ontario’s electricity sector is changing quickly. Technological advances are allowing for a new focus on local electricity resources, and creating the potential for a more diverse and decentralized system to meet your growing electricity needs. This could mean new opportunities for regions and municipalities to meet their priorities of energy independence, and economic development across the province.

Rapid change also means municipal leaders need relevant information to make well-informed decisions on key issues that will affect their communities.

This Electricity Toolkit, designed for municipalities, will provide you with:

  • An overview of Ontario’s electricity system
  • The planning underway to ensure the future reliability of the electricity
  • Information on Ontario’s electricity supply mix
  • Ways to engage with the IESO

Ontario’s Electricity System Is Changing – Here’s What It Means for Communities

Municipal engagement is integral to the IESO’s decision-making process. We offer individuals and organizations opportunity to provide input and feedback about proposed decisions or changes that affect them. The IESO supports transparency, efficiency, and consistency in our engagement efforts.

This Toolkit will be updated regularly. Please email your feedback to guide us in these updates.