Community Engagement

Community Engagement Principles

The IESO's approach to community engagement is based on these key principles:

  • Strengthening processes for early and sustained engagements with local governments and the public
  • Providing local governments and communities with greater voice and responsibility
  • Bringing communities to the table
  • Linking local and provincial planning
  • Reinforcing the link between planning and procurement
  • Enhancing electricity awareness and improved access to information

Outreach with local municipalities and Indigenous peoples is the start of engagement for every regional plan.

An ongoing dialogue serves to build understanding of how regional planning happens and provides opportunities for local input, laying the foundation for successful implementation.

Visit the regional planning pages for information on specific engagement initiatives for each region.

Engaging Local Communities in Ontario's Electricity Planning Continuum

This report is the result of the 2013 engagement of a broad spectrum of stakeholders on how best to improve the regional planning and siting process.