North & East of Sudbury

Map of Ontario showing 21 electricity planning regions

Area Overview

The North & East of Sudbury region is the area roughly bordered by the town of Moosonee to the north, the town of Hearst to the northwest, the municipality of East Ferris to the south, and the town of Kirkland Lake to the east.

The local distribution companies providing services to customers in the area include:

  • Greater Sudbury Hydro Inc.
  • Hearst Power Distribution Company Limited
  • Hydro One Networks Inc.
  • North Bay Hydro Distribution Ltd.
  • Northern Ontario Wires Inc.

Community Engagement

The IESO engages with local and regional communities to seek input to help inform planning activities. Engagement has been completed for the second cycle of planning in this region. See Key Resources below for the latest planning documents.

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Regional Planning Progress Update

The second cycle of regional planning in the North & East of Sudbury area is underway. The IESO published the area’s first Integrated Regional Resource Plan (IRRP) and the supporting Appendices in April 2023. The electricity plan identifies several needs in the area, including local voltage control issues, supply capacity, asset renewal and load restoration needs. In order to address these needs, the IRRP report recommends the following:

  • Hydro One to investigate options to improve operability of existing Dymond TS capacitors in the upcoming Regional Infrastructure Plan (RIP).
  • Hydro One to investigate options of adding reactive devices in the Kirkland Lake area in the upcoming RIP.
  • Hydro One to proceed with plans to replace the affected circuit sections on A4H/A5H and D2H/D3H with a like-for-like replacement, subject to confirmation prior to committing these projects.
  • Continued monitoring of load growth at Ramore TS and revisiting the capacity need in the next cycle of regional planning.
  • Investigate and recommend solutions to load security issues on D501P circuit in the next iteration of bulk system planning in Northeast Ontario.

Key Resources