Map of Ontario showing 21 electricity planning regions

Area Overview

For regional planning purposes, the Renfrew region is made up of 18 municipalities including the towns of Armprior, Deep River, Laurentian Hills, Petawawa, and Renfrew. Also, the townships of Admaston/Bromley, Bonnechere Valley, Brudenell, Lyndoch and Raglan, Greater Madawaska, Head, Clara and Maria, Horton, Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards, Laurentian Valley, Madawaska Valley, McNab/Braeside, North Algona Wilberforce and Whitewater Region; as well as the City of Pembroke.

The local distribution companies providing services to customers in the area include:

  • Hydro One Networks Inc.
  • Ottawa River Power Corporation
  • Renfrew Hydro Inc.

Community Engagement

The IESO engages with local and regional communities to seek input to help inform planning activities. There are currently no active regional planning engagement activities for this region. See Key Resources below for the latest planning documents.

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Regional Planning Progress Update

The second cycle of regional electricity planning for the Renfrew region was completed in December 2022, with the release of an Integrated Regional Resource Plan (IRRP) and supporting Appendices. A Regional Infrastructure Plan (RIP) led by Hydro One will be initiated next, as part of the regional planning process.

The IRRP identifies station capacity needs in the Pembroke, Petawawa, and Laurentian Valley areas and recommends specific projects for implementation in the near-term:

  • Build a new High Voltage Distribution Station (DS) near Petawawa Distribution Station.
  • Following further analysis during the RIP period, build either a new Transmission Station or a new High Voltage Distribution Station in the Pembroke area.
  • Perform a 2MW transfer of load from Forest Lea DS to Craig DS through an existing transmission tie-line.

The report also recommends continued monitoring of potential long-term, high growth in the in the Petawawa region, and when deemed necessary, installing a capacitor to increase the load meeting capability of the sub-system.

Prior to the development of the IRRP, a Scoping Assessment Outcome Report and Terms of Reference for the Renfrew region was completed in August 2021. This follows the completion of a Needs Assessment published by Hydro One in May 2021.

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