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Transmission-Distribution Coordination Working Group

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To support both transmission and distribution level reliability, transmission-distribution (T-D) coordination processes are needed to better integrate DERs in wholesale system and market operations. The IESO, Local Distribution Companies (LDCs), and DER participants will need to share information in a timely manner and ensure there is sufficient awareness (e.g., with respect to outages, limits on DERs, and dispatch of DERs, etc.) among the parties. If distribution services are also sought from DERs, then T-D coordination processes will also be needed to ensure there are no conflicting instructions, double counting, or other unintended consequences.

In this context, the IESO is launching the Transmission-Distribution Coordination Working Group (TDWG) to work closely with LDCs and other stakeholders to inform the DER Market Vision and Design Project. The Market Vision and Design Project is a key focus area of IESO’s DER integration activities and is what much of the near-term DER Roadmap efforts build towards. The TDWG will provide a forum for in-depth engagement on T-D coordination.

The TDWG’s overarching objective is to support the IESO in developing conceptual coordination protocol(s) that detail the communications among the IESO, LDCs, and DER participants for participation in the IESO-Administered Markets.

Schedule of Activities

Date Activity Expected Actions

September 13, 2022

Working Group Meeting #4


July 20, 2022

Deadline for stakeholder feedback on topics presented at the June 29th webinar.

Feedback Received


June 29, 2022

Meeting Notes

Working Group Meeting #3


June 6, 2022

Deadline for stakeholder feedback on topics presented at the May 16th webinar.

Feedback Received


May 16, 2022

Meeting Notes

Working Group Meeting #2


January 31, 2022

Meeting Notes

Working Group Meeting


November 17, 2021

IESO Bulletin request for working group membership