Long-Term RFP and Expedited Process

After more than a decade of strong supply, Ontario is entering a period of emerging electricity system needs, driven by increasing demand, the retirement of the Pickering nuclear plant, the refurbishment of other nuclear generating units, as well as expiring contracts for existing facilities.

To address these need, the IESO is competitively securing 3,500 MW of capacity through the first Long-Term Request for Proposals (LT1 RFP), complimentary expedited procurement process “the Expedited Process” (E-LT1 RFP), and the Same Technology Upgrade Solicitation. The 2022 Annual Acquisition Report (AAR) describes these mechanisms and needs in more detail.

  • The LT1 RFP, together with the Expedited Process, is expected to competitively procure year-round effective capacity from dispatchable new build resources, including new build hybrid electricity generation and storage facilities, registered or able to become registered in the IESO administered markets, larger than 1 MW and which can deliver a continuous amount of electricity to a connection point on a distribution system or transmission system for at least four consecutive hours.
  • The Same Technology Upgrades Solicitation is a targeted call for new cost-effective capacity upgrades from existing contracted facilities. The streamlined process aims to incent additional output from dispatchable resources that can deliver a continuous amount of electricity for at least eight consecutive hours, and be in service between May 2025 and 2026.

In advance of the Expedited Process and the LT1 RFP, the IESO issued the Long-Term Request for Qualifications (LT1 RFQ) to establish a list of applicants with the experience and capability to successfully develop, construct and operate facilities acquired through these procurements. The LT1 RFQ is now complete, and the list of qualified applicants is available below.

Future long-term procurements, including the LT2 RFP to be launched in 2023, may be suitable for resource types that are not yet fully enabled in the IESO Administered Markets, or for projects that require longer development timelines. Procurement design and requirements have been and will continue to be shaped by input from stakeholders through the Resource Adequacy Engagement, as well as other IESO assessments and engagements.

The Ontario Minister of Energy has asked the IESO to submit a report in early October to inform the eligibility of emitting resources in the upcoming long-term procurements while considering the need to preserve a reliable, affordable and sustainable electricity system.

Questions or comments on the LT1 RFP can be sent to LT.RFP@ieso.ca.

Expedited Process Procurement Documents

Same Technology Upgrades Solicitation Documents

LT1 RFP Procurement Documents

The LT1 RFP procurement documents will be very similar to the Expedited Process documents. A list of expected differences is provided below.

Procurement Documents

LT1 RFP and Expedited Process Updates

The evaluation of the qualification submissions received in response to the LT1 RFQ has now concluded, and out of the 77 submissions received, the IESO has identified 55 qualified applicants. These qualified applicants will now be eligible to participate in either or both the LT1 RFP and Expedited Process.


This request for qualifications (“RFQ”) and the statements and information contained herein, are based on the proposed design as of the date of posting and remain subject to amendment following the process set out in the RFQ. Nothing in this RFQ, or the posting thereof, obligates the IESO to continue or conduct the procurement process contemplated herein, or any other procurement process. Nothing in this posted RFQ or contract constitutes, nor shall it be construed to constitute, an agreement, guarantee, representation, or warranty, express or implied, on behalf of the IESO. The IESO provides no such agreement, guarantee, representation, or warranty and disclaims any and all liability associated therewith. In the event there is any conflict or inconsistency between this RFQ or contract, and the IESO market rules, any legislation or regulation, the terms in the market rules, legislation, or regulation as applicable, govern

Expedited Process Procurement Activities

The dates provided below are aligned with the E-LT1 RFP and are subject to change.

Date              Milestone

September 30, 2022

Feedback Due

The IESO will be accepting written feedback on the draft E-LT1 RFP and draft E-LT1 Contract at LT.RFP@ieso.ca by September 30, 2022.

August 23, 2022

Expedited Process Qualified Applicants announced

August 25, 2022

Draft E-LT1 RFP and Contract posted

September 15, 2022

Webinar: Draft E-LT1 RFP Q&A session

November 7, 2022

Expedited Long-Term Procurement (E-LT1) Engagement Session

November 30, 2022

E-LT1 RFP Deliverability Test Results

December 6, 2022

Final Expedited Process RFP and Contract posted

LT1 RFP Procurement Activities

The dates provided below are aligned with the LT1 RFP and are subject to change.

Date              Milestone

August 23, 2022

LT1 RFP Qualified Applicants announced

August 25, 2022

E-LT1 RFP and LT1 RFP Summary of Differences document posted

January 30, 2023

Final LT1 RFP and Contract posted

July 2023

LT1 RFP Proposal Submission

October 2023

LT1 RFP Contract Offer