One of the ways the IESO helps meet Ontario’s energy needs is through securing new supply through competitive procurements. The IESO works with large grid-connected generators, small-scale distribution-connected producers, communities, small businesses and individuals to address future supply challenges in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Resource Adequacy Updates

The IESO’s Resource Adequacy Framework sets out a competitive strategy for securing new resources in the short, medium and long term. This framework aligns acquisitions with evolving needs, balances ratepayer and supplier risks and recognizes the unique characteristics of different resource types.

The IESO publishes Resource Adequacy updates that provide a status report on how competitive procurements are helping to meet Ontario’s future energy needs.

May 2024

The IESO’s first Long-Term Procurement under the Resource Adequacy Framework is now complete. The IESO targeted year-round capacity to come into service between 2026-2028 to meet system needs, and successful added 1,784 MW of storage and 411 MW of non-storage capacity to Ontario’s grid.

Resource Adequacy Update – May 2024

June 2023

As the need for new electricity resources in the near and long term in Ontario grows, the IESO is continuing to make significant strides towards meeting those needs. The most recent procurement for long-term supply has now concluded, adding a total of 882 MW to the province’s planned storage fleet, while complementary processes such as the growing Capacity Auction are securing resources to respond to upcoming system needs.

Resource Adequacy Update - June 2023

May 2023

The IESO is moving forward with the largest procurement of energy storage in Canada, with 739 MW of new capacity slated to connect to the grid by 2026. These storage projects will be accompanied by 586 MW of expansions and upgrades at existing natural gas facilities – providing a cost-effective and timely solution to secure operational flexibility.

Resource Adequacy Update – May 2023

August 2022

The IESO announced a series of procurements to secure more than 5,000 MW of capacity. A separate competitive procurement for existing generators also concluded with the IESO offering new five-year commitments to secure these resources at a lower cost than their previous contracts. In addition, the IESO extended contracts with several biomass facilities and began work on a program for existing small hydro facilities.

Resource Adequacy Update – August 2022