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Market Renewal Newsletter - February Update

February 28, 2022

Every issue we’re featuring an update from someone different on the Market Renewal team to shed light into their line of work.

From the desk of...

Zora Choi, Test Analyst, QA Testing, Market Renewal Program (MRP)

As part of the Implementation phase of MRP, we are working on a range of solution development activities, which revolve around IT changes ranging from Online IESO (the web-based registration system), to control room applications, to settlements applications and many more in between.

Quality assurance (QA) is an important function during this phase of work, as the team not only helps execute testing (referred to as dynamic testing) on deliverables to identify defects, but also perform static testing before the solutions are developed. Static testing is a software testing technique used to check defects in software applications without executing the code. The purpose of static testing sessions in MRP, is to not only prevent defects from occurring after development, but also to allow all internal groups to sit together and clarify the requirements and expectations. This process ultimately results in shorter timelines, fewer defects and less resources needed to fix them.

The QA team is also taking advantage of opportunities to explore innovative testing automation which can be repurposed down the road for future projects.

In my time here with MRP as a QA analyst, I’ve had the pleasure of participating in a variety of testing sessions and collaborating with many experienced people who are contributing to a very exciting new future that will be realized once MRP comes into service.

Zora Choi

What we're working on

Release of draft market rules on Calculation Engines

The third batch of market rules regarding the calculation engines has been posted. On February 22, a presentation was held providing some background and education on the documents. You can view the recording. We encourage stakeholders to review the appendices alongside the market power mitigation batch and upcoming market and system operations batch, instead of as a stand-alone batch. Stakeholders can submit questions, comments, or feedback using the feedback form to by April 15, 2022.

Updated Market Power Mitigation Market Rules and Market Manuals have been posted

In December 2021, the updated batch of Market Power Mitigation market rules and market manuals were posted. A summary of the changes is available highlighting the rationale for changes and noting revisions made as a result of stakeholder feedback. View the IESO response to stakeholder feedback. As part of the Technical Panel process, in February additional information including examples and scenarios were shared.

Replacement of Settlement System Project

The market rules for the Replacement of Settlement System (RSS) Project have been posted. A presentation reviewing the documents was held on February 22 and the recording is available.

The RSS Market Participant Readiness Plan has also been posted which highlights the ways the IESO is preparing to support market participants through the implementation of RSS.

Stakeholders can submit questions and feedback to by March 17, 2022. Please submit all feedback using the RSS feedback form.

External and net interchange scheduling limit (NISL) congestion cost residuals

On February 22, an engagement session was held detailing insights into the design for the collection and disbursement of external and net interchange scheduling limit (NISL) congestion cost residuals incurred in the future with market renewal. This education effort was a direct take-away from the Transmission Rights Market Review. You can view the recording of the engagement session. We’ve also released an educational video about understanding NISL in the future under MRP.

Progress Update on the Market Power Mitigation Reference Level Consultations

In early 2021, the IESO started reference level consultations with dispatchable resources including thermal, hydroelectric, nuclear, wind, solar, dispatchable loads and energy storage.

Consultations are progressing as expected and the current status is:

Reference Level Consultation Progress of resources with nuclear, solar and wind done. Dispatchable Loads, Thermal, Hydro and Energy Storage all in progress. Dispatchable Loads is starting to be finished  up to ~17%. ~30% Energy Storage has not been started.

One of the final steps in the reference level consultation is for the IESO to communicate a Preliminary View Report to the relevant market participant. The Preliminary View Report communicates the reference levels and reference quantities for the resource that the IESO intends to use in the renewed market.

To date, the IESO has completed 40% of the total number of Preliminary View Reports for the renewed market and provided them to the relevant market participants.

Related IESO news

Ministerial Directive on Resource Adequacy Framework Initiatives

The Minister of Energy has issued a directive authorizing a series of initiatives that the IESO has been developing over the last year to address upcoming supply needs in a cost-effective and sustainable manner through the Resource Adequacy Framework.

This includes continuing with competitive procurements to meet medium- and long-term supply needs. The recently issued first Medium-Term RFP ensures the availability of existing supply with expiring contracts. Future Medium-Term RFPs will continue to evolve in order to meet emerging system needs, and are expected to include expanded eligibility. Engagement to design the Long-Term RFP to secure new resources has also begun. We encourage stakeholders to get involved and contribute feedback.

In an effort to integrate more renewable forms of supply onto the system, the IESO will be designing a new program for small hydroelectric facilities, assessing a program for larger hydro facilities with expiring contracts, and securing contracts for the Oneida Energy Storage Project and the Calstock Generating Station.

2021 Year-in-Review Data Now Available

Electricity use in Ontario is showing signs of recovery from the effects of the pandemic, as total electricity use increased by 1.2 per cent to 133.8 TWh, compared to 2020. A look back on Ontario’s 2021 electricity system demand, supply, price, and other data milestones is now available.


RSS project:

Calculation Engines market rules:

  • Stakeholders can submit questions and feedback on the Calculation Engine batch of market rules using the feedback form to by April 15.

Key dates

March 22 - Technical Panel

March 23-25 - MRP Stakeholder Engagement Meeting: Update on navigating design solutions

Did you know?

MRP education videos for stakeholders?

Two education videos have been released to help explain some MRP topics in more detail. The first video was on Narrow Constrained Areas as part of Market Power Mitigation. The second video in the series is on understanding Net Interchange Scheduling Limit (NISL) under MRP.

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