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Northern Ontario Bulk Planning

Forecasting and Planning

The IESO has launched a Northern Ontario Bulk Planning engagement to actively involve stakeholders and communities in shaping the future of Ontario's energy transmission system.

The bulk transmission system is undergoing upgrades to enhance the flow of electricity westwards from Sudbury to support mining, industrial growth, and connection of First Nation communities. As identified in the province’s Powering Ontario’s Growth report, there is now a need to assess the bulk transmission system between Toronto and Sudbury to unlock new opportunities for growth in Northern Ontario. In addition to assessing the system’s ability for Northward flow to support new loads in the North, the study will also assess the system’s ability for Southward flow to support new generation in the North as well.

With the formalization of the Bulk System Planning Process in 2022, the IESO seeks to enhance transparency and create opportunities for valuable input from communities and sector participants in individual bulk system studies. By seeking input on the scope of this study, the IESO aims to clarify key issues and strategize an effective engagement approach. Participant involvement during the various phases will ensure views and preferences are considered throughout the planning process. This inclusive approach helps establish a strong foundation for successful implementation, enabling a sustainable energy plan that can adapt to future demands. The engagement's ultimate purpose is to proactively develop a Northern Ontario bulk transmission plan that fosters reliable electricity supply and supports the region's economic growth objectives. By actively participating in this initiative, sector participants have an opportunity to contribute to a more resilient and prosperous energy future for Ontario. Interested parties are invited to contact the IESO at

Schedule of Activities

Anticipated timing for this engagement is presented below.

Date Engagement Activity Expected Actions

June 19, 2024

Public Engagement Session:

Bulk Transmission Planning Session on 1) South and Central and 2) Northern Ontario bulk studies

This public webinar will provide participants with information about the South and Central and Northern Ontario bulk studies, including its scope, objectives and timeline.


This webinar is being presented during the IESO's June stakeholder engagement sessions, see full agenda for more information.