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Engagement Initiatives

Stakeholder and community engagement is integral to the IESO's decision-making process. The goal is to provide individuals and organizations with the opportunity to provide input and feedback about proposed decisions or changes that affect them. The IESO supports transparency, efficiency and consistency in its engagement efforts.


The IESO is committed to an open, two-way dialogue with stakeholders and communities to help understand their views about proposed changes that may affect them.


July Stakeholder Engagement Meetings

Multiple engagements will be discussed over the course of these meeting dates, grouping engagements by topic to maximize stakeholder participation and create linkages and information sharing across initiatives. Participants can participate in all discussions or elect to participate in only some.

Jul 23, 2024 and Jul 25, 2024


Monthly Engagement Update

This engagement update provides a snapshot of all active IESO engagement activities and is updated on a monthly basis. It helps support a greater understanding of linkages between engagements, and a foundation for more comprehensive and integrated updates.

Jul 18, 2024

Stakeholder Engagement

Engagement principles guide the conduct of the IESO, market participants, stakeholders, communities, customers and the general public towards an efficient and effective process. Initiatives require different forums for engagement and all are posted to the IESO website. The IESO uses the perspectives brought forward in these forums to inform its decision making. 

Stakeholder Engagement Framework

Engagement Principles

Strategic Advisory Committee

The Strategic Advisory Committee provides appointed stakeholder representatives with the opportunity to present advice and recommendations on market development, conservation and planning decisions directly to the IESO's Board of Directors and Leadership Team. Members represent consumers, generators, distributors/transmitters, related businesses/services and Ontario communities.

Meetings and Materials


Technical Panel

The Technical Panel proposes and reviews amendments to the Market Rules, and as requested, advises the Board of Directors on specific technical issues relating to the operation of the IESO-administered markets.

Meetings and Materials


Market Renewal Program

The Market Renewal Program (MRP) is introducing fundamental reforms to the province’s electricity markets to improve how we supply, schedule and price electricity to meet Ontario’s future needs at the lowest cost.


MRP Engagement