Implementation Phase Documents

This phase will establish the Market Renewal Program (MRP) designs into rules, manuals, processes and tools to implement the renewed energy markets.

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Market Rules and Market Manuals

Here you’ll find draft amendments to the market rules and market manuals, proposed as part of MRP.

Market Entry and Prudentials (Updated March 2021)

Update March 11, 2021: Revised to align with V2 of the Detailed Design. Revisions incremental to those shared on December 4, 2020 are presented in yellow highlights. For stakeholder convenience, the Guide to Reading the Amendments summarizes the revisions.

Draft Materials

Market Rules amendments:

Market Manuals amendments:

Guide to reading the amendments

Market Power Mitigation (Updated July 2022)

Update July 15, 2022: Market Manuals updated. For stakeholder convenience, see the Summary of Changes that outlines the revisions.

Draft Materials

Market Rules amendments (updated March 15, 2022):

Market Manuals amendments:

Conforming Changes:

Summary of Changes

Calculation Engines (Updated July 2022)

Update July 11, 2022: For stakeholder convenience, see the Summary of Changes that outlines the revisions.

Draft Materials

Market Rules amendments:

Summary of Changes

MRP Consolidated Draft (Updated September 2022)

This MRP Consolidated Draft version of the market rules contains all of the market rule amendments that the IESO has received provisional approval for from the IESO Board of Directors. The corresponding market manuals contain all supporting market manual changes following the completion of stakeholder review.

Only the market rule chapters and market manuals that have been amended by the Market Renewal Program are contained here. Each market rule chapter and market manual includes all the changes proposed across the market renewal amendments.

The draft market rules and market manuals posted on this page (the “MRP Consolidated Draft”) are provided for reference purposes only, and are intended to assist market participants in their review of the evolving set of proposed market rule and manual amendments related to MRP. The MRP Consolidated Draft represents a snapshot of those proposed market rule amendments (and supporting market manual changes) which have been provisionally approved by the IESO Board in accordance with the provisional recommendation and approval process for adoption of market rule amendment proposals in connection with the MRP. The IESO will update the MRP Consolidated Draft periodically in an effort to represent the most current provisionally approved draft market rules and manuals.

The MRP Consolidated Draft has neither come into effect nor has it received formal approval from the IESO Board. Material changes to the MRP Consolidated Draft are planned and should be expected by market participants. The MRP Consolidated Draft is not intended nor should it be used as a supplement to, or aid for the interpretation of the in-effect Market Rules for the Ontario Electricity Market or of the corresponding in-effect market manuals. Participants wishing to consult the market rules and market manuals applicable to the existing Ontario Electricity Market should visit the IESO Market Rules and Manuals Library.

Market Rules and consolidated amendments (posted September 1 , 2022):

Market Manuals and consolidated amendments (posted September 1, 2022):

Interim Alignment (updated September 2022)

Update September 9, 2022: This batch of market rules and market manuals will provide conforming changes to build on three concepts introduced in prior MRP batches:

  • Resource as a defined term
  • Interim electricity storage facilities within MRP
  • Price Responsive Load (PRL) as a distinct load resource type

Draft materials:

Market Rules amendments:

Market Manuals amendments:

Summary of changes


Reference Levels and Reference Quantities

Here you’ll find supporting materials for ongoing one-on-one consultations for reference levels and reference quantities.