Emergency Preparedness and System Restoration Workshops

The IESO conducts large-scale integrated emergency exercises to build on Ontario's emergency preparedness. These exercises also help market participants meet their obligations to test their emergency plans.

The IESO also hosts power system restoration workshops to help market participants fulfill their training requirements.

Workshop Objectives

These workshops are designed for transmitters, generators, distribution companies and connected wholesale customers and are targeted to real-time operations staff including new and seasoned operators, supervisors, emergency planning and management staff. The purpose is to provide a focused refresher on reliability preparedness and response. Each workshop features a review of the Ontario Power System Restoration Plan (OPSRP), a review of the bulk electricity system, its operation, and the roles of the IESO and restoration participants in maintaining system reliability during normal and abnormal conditions and when restoring the power system following large-scale blackouts.

The IESO will host 5 workshops in 2024.

Typical Topics

  • Effective communication
  • Operational issues
  • Operating procedures
  • Ontario Power System Restoration Plan
  • Objectives
  • Strategy
  • Priorities
  • Tabletop drills and exercises