Applicability Criteria for Compliance with Reliability Requirements

All market participants who own or operate elements and facilities that form part of the IESO-controlled grid are subject to compliance with the IESO Market Rules. However, compliance with NERC reliability standards and NPCC criteria is mandatory only for those market participants (primarily generators and transmitters) that meet the criteria set out in the "Applicability Criteria" document which is based on the function they perform on the bulk power system and registration with NERC and the IESO.

The IESO has developed the "Applicability Criteria for Compliance with NERC Reliability Standards and NPCC Criteria" document to help market participants understand how NERC reliability standards and NPCC criteria apply to their organizations.

A spreadsheet with a list of the standard requirements that apply to each market participant class can be accessed below.

Ontario Market Participant Class

NERC Functional Model Entity

NERC Reliability Standard Mapping Tool/Spreadsheet**




Generator Owner, Generator Operator


Transmission Owner

**The NERC Reliability Standard Mapping Tool/Spreadsheet includes only those requirements that are listed as “effective” in Milestones in the Reliability Standards Development and Lifecycle (Updated June 7, 2024).

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