Stage 4 - Authorize market and program participation

Prepare Application Obtain Approval Design and Build Register Equipment Commission Equipment and Validate Performance

Your organization must be authorized by the IESO to participate in the IESO-administered markets or programs, or to connect a physical facility to the IESO-controlled grid.

Step 1 – Register organization

If your organization is new to the IESO, you must register prior to receiving authorization. To register, your organization must submit company information and appoint mandatory contact roles using the IESO’s online application form (see a full list of the mandatory contact roles, including descriptions). It may take up to three weeks to complete the registration process.

Upon completion, a participation agreement will be signed by your organization’s authorized representative and the IESO.

Step 2 - Authorize as a market participant

The authorized representative appoints other roles, including the applicant representative, who will be responsible for authorizing your newly registered organization as a market participant using Online IESO (the IESO’s web-based registration system).

In Online IESO, the applicant representative selects Actions, ‘Manage Participation’ and completes the necessary steps and tasks described in the online instructions which include:

  • Paying the market registration application fee $1,130 ($1,000 + 13% HST)

Make your payment by credit card

(Note that by clicking on this link, you agree to be redirected to the website of the IESO’s third-party payment processor.)

  • Providing the following:
  • Ontario Energy Board (OEB) licence
  • National Energy Permit (for energy trader – exporter only)
  • Prudential support if your organization plans to participate in the real-time IESO-administered markets
  • Prudential support that will be used to cover funds that might be owed to the market if your organization is unable to make a payment
  • Canadian bank account details for your organization
  • Establishing participation contact roles through Online IESO

Step 3 – Authorize as a program participant, if applicable

All wind and solar generation facilities (variable generators) connecting to the IESO-controlled grid, or to a distribution system with an installed capacity of 5 MW or greater, must be authorized as program participants in the centralized forecasting program.

The Centralized Forecasting Training Guide provides an explanation of the technical requirements and process necessary to register for the centralized forecasting program.

The Participant Technical Reference Manual outlines the communication methods and protocols available for a variable generator to send data and information to the IESO.

Step 4 – IESO issues registration approval notification

Once the above authorization tasks are completed, the IESO will issue a registration approval notification (RAN) confirming that your organization has been approved by the IESO to participate in the IESO-administered markets and programs.

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