Roles and Responsibilities

Organizations are required to establish contact roles to participate in the IESO-administered markets. Each role has associated responsibilities and allows for specific tasks to be completed through Online IESO—a web-based registration system.

Mandatory contact roles, as described below, are created during the organization registration and participant authorization process. Following which, additional participation contact roles can be created through Online IESO.

First time logging into Online IESO? This guide will help you.

Mandatory contact roles

Mandatory contact roles must be established when an organization first registers with the IESO, to include the Authorized Representative, Primary contact, Rights Administrator and the Applicant Representative.

The roles and responsibilities of these mandatory contacts can be found here.

Participation contact roles

Each participation contact role is responsible for initiating and/or completing tasks in Online IESO (e.g., a Prudential Requirement contact is required to submit prudential information). Each organization is required to create the roles as needed depending on the market or program participation.

A list of all participation contact roles can be found here.

Social community

Online IESO offers a modern and consistent customer experience allowing participants to post messages, questions and comments while completing interactive business tasks.

This social community gives you an opportunity to interact with colleagues through Online IESO to complete work. Please note that the information you choose to share by writing your own posts will be visible to the IESO and could also become widely available to everyone registered in the Ontario market. To mitigate this risk, the IESO recommends that you only post comments in the comment section provided as part of a locked and private registration activity.

Social Community User Guideline

Read more to ensure awareness of the visibility of social messages within Online IESO.