Market Rule Amendment Process

The IESO Board has the authority and responsibility to amend the market rules, which govern the IESO-administered markets (Electricity Act, 1998, section 32). To make rule amendments, the IESO uses a consultative process. The Technical Panel, comprising stakeholder representatives, supports the IESO Board in the development and consideration of amendments to the market rules.

Any individual with an interest in the operation of the electricity market can request an amendment to the market rules or comment on a rule amendment under consideration. The IESO Board or Technical Panel may also initiate amendments.

The Market Rule Amendment Submission Form can be used throughout this process.

Please submit completed forms by email to

Requesting a rule amendment

Written submissions for a rule amendment can be made using the Market Rule Amendment Submission Form. The submission must identify the relevant rules under question, a description of the proposal, as well as reasons for the proposed change. All requests will be reviewed by the IESO and Technical Panel.

An individual seeking clarification or interpretation or application of a market rule can use the Compliance and Enforcement Guidance process.

Market rule amendment review by the Technical Panel

At regularly scheduled meetings, the Technical Panel will review proposed rule amendment submissions. Rule amendments to be discussed are included in the agenda and meeting materials posted on the Technical Panel meetings webpage.

In considering a rule amendment, the Technical Panel may request stakeholder input either in writing or at a consultation meeting. Notice of these meetings will be published in the Events Calendar.

Technical Panel determinations and recommendations on proposed rule amendments are included in the minutes posted with the meeting materials.

Commenting on a rule amendment under consideration

Written comments on a rule amendment submission, proposed amendment or recommended amendment can be sent to

If the written submissions are in response to an invitation by the Technical Panel, the comments must be submitted by the date specified.

Technical Panel determinations on a market rule amendment submission

Upon reviewing the submission for a market rule amendment, the Technical Panel can determine that:

  • The amendment submission warrants further consideration. The proposed amendment will then be assessed for materiality.
  • The amendment is minor in nature.
  • The amendment submission does not warrant further consideration. A report stating reasons will be issued.

IESO Board decides on rule amendment

The Technical Panel will submit its recommendations for amendments to the market rules to the IESO Board for approval. The proposed text of the amendment is included in the report to the IESO Board, as well as a summary of any noted objections to the submission.

The IESO Board will decide for or against the adoption of the market rule amendment or it may refer the amendment back to the Technical Panel for further consideration.

Amendments approved by the Board will be incorporated into the next published set of the market rules, known as the baseline. The IESO will publish the IESO Board's decision and give notice of the amendment to market participants and the Ontario Energy Board (OEB).

Under the Electricity Act, 1998, the OEB has the authority to revoke the amendment and refer the amendment back to the IESO for further consideration.

The Pending Changes – Documents webpage provides notice of pending changes to the market rules, market manuals, technical interfaces or other items that define the operation of the IESO-administered markets, and that unless specified otherwise, will come into force at the next scheduled baseline publication date.

Proposed market rule amendments

Market rule amendments that have been recommended by the Technical Panel, or approved by the IESO Board but not yet incorporated into a baseline are listed at proposed market rule amendments.

When a rule amendment is incorporated into the published set of market rules, the history of the amendment is documented in the market rules amendments archive.

Urgent market rule amendments

Amendments to the market rules can also be decided by the Urgent Rule Amendment Committee or the IESO Board. The need for an urgent market rule amendment may be the result of a specific event in the market and must be ratified by the IESO Board. It will come into force on the date specified in the proposal.

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Notice: The posting of submissions on the IESO's website is done for the convenience of market participants and other interested visitors to the IESO website. When requesting or receiving submissions from market participants and/or industry stakeholders, it is the normal practice of the IESO to post the submissions on the IESO website. The IESO reserves the right to revise or withdraw any such submission at any time without further notice should the submission include, in the IESO's opinion, any defamatory or other inappropriate provisions. Participants are reminded that all the material that they submit may be published and that, in making a submission, their permission to publish the material is deemed to be granted.