Also of Interest

Here is a series of topical subjects about Ontario's electricity system. For more information about these and other story ideas, please contact IESO Media at 416.506.2823.

2003 Blackout
A look back at the causes of the 2003 power outage, lessons learned and the steps taken to improve reliability across North America.


Managing the Grid during 2017 Solar Eclipse
A partial solar eclipse passed over Southern Ontario on August 21, 2017. Read how the eclipse impacted the output of solar generation, as well as Ontario’s demand for electricity.

Market Renewal
Market Renewal is a collaborative effort between the IESO and stakeholders to pursue enhancements to Ontario’s electricity market that will address inefficiencies and lay a foundation that will prepare us for the electricity sector of tomorrow.

Leveraging a Smarter Grid
The smart grid uses innovative technologies to empower consumers to better manage their energy use and for the sector to manage the system more efficiently. Read more about demand response, energy storage, smart homes and more.

Electricity Pricing
The rate consumers pay depends on how much they use. Here's an overview of pricing structures in Ontario, how the wholesale electricity price is set, and the Global Adjustment.

Reliability of the Grid
Rules, standards, emergency plans, and public appeals are all tools that help to ensure a reliable grid for Ontario. As Reliability Co-ordinator for Ontario, the IESO is responsible for enforcing standards for critical infrastructure in the province's electricity system.