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Smart Metering Entity

Smart Metering Entity

The Smart Metering Entity (SME) is responsible for the operation of the province’s Meter Data Management/Repository (MDM/R). The MDM/R serves as a central database for storing, processing, validating and managing information about hourly electricity consumption that supports the billing processes of local distribution companies (LDCs).

More than five million smart meters transmit data hourly to the MDM/R, making it one of the largest shared data platforms in the world – with over 125 million new records added every day.

Photo of a smart meter.


The IESO has been designated the SME by the Government of Ontario and operates under licence from the Ontario Energy Board (OEB). As the province's SME, the IESO develops, manages and protects Ontario's MDM/R.

SME Steering Committee

Learn how the Steering Committee represents the interests of stakeholders in the MDM/R and provides advice to the SME.

MDM/R Technical Panel

The members of the Technical Panel include representatives of the LDCs who are conversant with the technical aspects of the MDM/R, as well as its functional integration with the metering and billing systems of the LDCs.

Learn more about this sub-committee and its input on the technical aspects of the MDM/R.