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Smart Metering Entity

Electricity consumption across Ontario

Consumers' response to the new electricity price plans offered in Ontario

There has been a steady progression of electricity customers making the switch to new price plans since the introduction of the Customer Choice Program in 2021. The program enables consumers to choose between the standard Time-of-Use (TOU), Tiered and new Ultra-Low Overnight (ULO) TOU price plans. 
The Smart Metering Entity (SME) has been measuring consumers' response to the new electricity price plans and is providing data and analysis to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) who evaluate the price plans currently on offer. This process supports the continuing development and design of price plans for the future.
Shown below is the overall proportional uptake for the new price plans in Ontario since the start of the Customer Choice Program.

Quarterly Tiered Uptake Monthly ULO Uptake

Using smart meter data to follow consumption trends across Ontario

The IESO uses SME aggregated smart meter data as an input for its own forecast models used to manage the power grid. Leveraging aggregated smart meter data has helped improve the accuracy of demand forecasting and understanding new residential behaviours. As the IESO looks to the future, new work from home patterns are something our forecasters will take into account for daily operation of the grid.

Some of this data was used to show the earlier impacts of COVID-19 on Ontario's electricity system as well as average home consumption patterns.

Total kWh residential consumption by year
Total Residential Smart Meters by Year
Year Meter Count
2018 4,591,765
2019 4,664,946
2020 4,701,460
2021 4,732,143
2022 4,757,056
2023 4,769,622
Total kWh small general service consumption by year
Total Small General Service (<50 kW) Meters by Year
Year Meter Count
2018 366,166
2019 372,096
2020 372,778
2021 372,631
2022 412,491
2023 418,733