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Niagara Region Electricity Plan Posted

December 22, 2022

The Niagara region Integrated Regional Resource Plan, which considers electricity demand and supply conditions over the next 20 years, is now available

Sustained regional growth in specific pockets including West Lincoln, Lincoln, Welland, Thorold and Niagara Falls is driving emerging station capacity, supply capacity, asset replacement, and load security needs.

To accommodate load growth, maintain reliability and optimize asset replacement, the plan recommends a package of solutions, with key recommendations being:

  • Load transfers from Beamsville transformer station and a new or expanded 230 kV station in the Lincoln/West Lincoln area with a target in-service date of 2026-2027
  • Replacement of 115 kV Crowland transformer station in the City of Welland with a larger 230 kV station and new ~18 km 230 kV transmission lines running south between Welland and Thorold with a target in-service date of 2028
  • Upgrade of an existing circuit and implementation of control actions to manage the load in the Niagara Region to be implemented starting in 2024
  • Ongoing monitoring of growth and exploring opportunities for targeted conservation and demand management particularly in areas with near-term needs until transmission reinforcements are in-service

Visit the engagement web page for additional details about the study scope, region and engagement and to download the full report.

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