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IESO Leadership Visits Southwest Ontario Greenhouses

October 6, 2022

Planning Ontario’s electricity system is often done through ones and zeroes on powerful computers, but to best understand Ontario’s electricity consumers, our leaders and staff go out to meet consumers where they are. It is invaluable to see first-hand the economic development that’s happening in our province and the IESO’s role to ensure reliable, cost effective and sustainable electricity to support it.

IESO President and CEO Lesley Gallinger and Vice President, Corporate Relations, Stakeholder Engagement and Innovation Carla Nell were in the Leamington area this week to learn about the work it takes to grow made-in-Ontario produce. They and other IESO representatives in energy efficiency, planning and innovation learned about the innovative projects and initiatives that are happening, and the key issues and priorities facing the greenhouse sector.

Greenhouses have a large impact on driving the increasing electricity needs in the Southwest and Ontario as a whole, resulting in a number of plans underway to address the increase in demand. This includes investments in infrastructure, local innovative pilot projects, custom energy-efficiency programs, and other procurement initiatives underway. Input from greenhouse operators in previous years has been instrumental in informing our work, and these types of meetings will continue in the months and years ahead. The third cycle of regional planning for the Windsor-Essex area will kick off in late 2022, and interested stakeholders are encouraged to get involved, as the IESO works to shape and secure our electricity future. 

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