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March Stakeholder Engagement Meetings - Agenda and Registration

March 3, 2022

The agenda for the March stakeholder engagement meetings is now available, and registration is open. The March engagement meetings will include:

Market Renewal Program – Navigating Design Solutions: a quarterly update on solutions for practical issues that arise when implementing Market Renewal, including a discussion of the timing of Day-Ahead Market inputs, and thermal states for binding commitments.

Pathways to Decarbonization – Operability Assessment: a discussion on the IESO’s approach to assessing reliability and operability of Ontario’s electricity system to support the work of the pathways to decarbonization study. 

Improvements to Accessibility of Operating Reserve: an overview of an Operating Reserve issue that the IESO is experiencing and a discussion on changes to previously proposed solutions and associated modifications to the Market Rules.

Attendees can participate in any or all sessions, and registration is open. Click “register” on the associated engagement web pages or on the agenda. Please contact with any questions. In addition, please note that recordings and presentations from the February engagement meetings are now available.

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