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Ministerial Directive on Resource Adequacy Framework Initiatives

February 3, 2022

The Minister of Energy has issued a directive authorizing a series of initiatives that the IESO has been developing over the last year to address upcoming supply needs in a cost-effective and sustainable manner through the Resource Adequacy Framework.

This includes continuing with competitive procurements to meet medium- and long-term supply needs. The recently issued first Medium-Term RFP ensures the availability of existing supply with expiring contracts. Future Medium-Term RFPs will continue to evolve in order to meet emerging system needs, and are expected to include expanded eligibility. Registration is now open for the Medium-Term RFP and the engagement to design the Long-Term RFP to secure new resources has also begun. We encourage stakeholders to get involved and contribute feedback.

In an effort to integrate more renewable forms of supply onto the system, the IESO will be designing a new program for small hydroelectric facilities, assessing a program for larger hydro facilities with expiring contracts, and securing contracts for the Oneida Energy Storage Project and the Calstock Generating Station.

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