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February Stakeholder Engagement Meetings - Agenda and Registration

February 3, 2022

The agenda for the February 22-24 stakeholder engagement meetings is now available, and registration is open. The February engagement meetings will include:

Opening Remarks: On February 22 at 9:00 a.m. Carla Y. Nell, IESO VP of Corporate Relations, Stakeholder Engagement and Innovation will open this month’s Engagement Days with remarks on the IESO’s priorities and objectives for 2022.

Resource Adequacy - Capacity Auction: a presentation on the final design document supported by a guidance document (to identify changes made from draft to final) and an update on the implementation phase on the 2022 Capacity Auction enhancements.

Transmission Rights Market Update: a presentation on an administrative update being made to the methodology used to determine the number of transmission rights available to offer in long-term auctions.

Hybrid Integration Project: a discussion on stakeholder feedback received following the January meeting, and a presentation on the draft foundational designs.

Market Renewal Program: a presentation on the third batch of market rules regarding the calculation engines. This session will also provide insights into the disbursement methodology for Transmission Rights under a renewed market.

Market Renewal Program (RSS): a presentation on the market rules, market manuals and implementation plans for the IESO's Replacement of Settlement System Project for stakeholder review and comment.

Artificial Intelligence White Paper: a presentation on the objectives of the AI white paper. We will also be seeking feedback on key considerations to inform the future strategy of this technology and to understand the market participant goals.

Industrial Energy Efficiency Program: a presentation on the draft final program documents, including key contract terms regarding project and participant eligibility, incentive payments, and project evaluation criteria.

Clean Energy Credits (CECs): an overview of CEC markets and key concepts, and a discussion on stakeholder clean energy goals to identify initial key considerations for CEC design options in Ontario.

Pathways to Decarbonization: an update on the approach to inform the development of achievable pathways to decarbonization in the electricity sector. The IESO will provide transparency around the assumptions that will be used in the analysis, and seek feedback (based on technical research) on key assumptions.

Updates to IESO Monitoring Requirements - Phasor Data: updates on market rules developments, including salient updates in the Market Manual and a revised timeline for market rules enforcement.

Attendees are welcome to participate in any or all sessions, and pre-registration is recommended. Please contact with questions. In addition, please note that recordings and presentations from the January engagement meetings are now available.

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