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October Stakeholder Engagement Meeting Materials

October 7, 2021

The agenda and most of the meeting materials for the October 19-21 stakeholder engagement meetings have been posted, and registration is open. Resource Adequacy and Gas Phase-Out Impact Assessment materials will be posted early next week, and a communication will be sent to registered participants when these materials are available. To facilitate discussion during the webinars, we encourage participants to review posted materials in advance.

The October engagement meetings will include:

  • Planning Process Updates: an update on the regional planning process review, as well as the introduction of a regional planning activities dashboard. The final high-level design of the bulk system planning process will also be presented.
  • Industrial Energy Efficiency Program: a program design update building off materials presented and feedback received from the initial engagement session in June.
  • DER Roadmap and Joint Engagement with OEB: an introduction of the DER Roadmap objectives and timelines. The OEB and the IESO will introduce a draft list of cross-cutting issues they are collaborating on, including potential areas for stakeholder input.
  • DER Roadmap – Market Vision & Design Project: an introduction to the DER Market Vision and Design project that will focus on examining how to cost-effectively enhance the value DERs can provide to Ontario’s electricity system by expanding participation in wholesale markets.
  • [NEW] Gas Phase-Out Impact Assessment: a briefing on the results of the study assessing the impact of phasing out natural gas generation by 2030.
  • Resource Adequacy: an update on the medium-term RFP, response to previous stakeholder feedback, and review of the Capacity Auction enhancements and design document for 2022.

Stakeholders are encouraged to submit questions in advance to Attendees are welcome to participate in any or all sessions, and pre-registration is recommended. Please contact with any questions. 


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