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September Stakeholder Engagement Meetings – Agenda and Registration

September 2, 2021

The agenda for the September 21-23 stakeholder engagement meetings is now available, and registration is open.

The September engagement meetings will include:

  • Opening Remarks from Lesley Gallinger, IESO President and CEO: : a discussion of some of the drivers transforming Ontario’s electricity sector, including emerging technologies, decarbonization, and growing electricity supply needs. Remarks will focus on Lesley’s view of what’s needed for a reliable, sustainable, and affordable electricity future.
  • Hybrid Integration Project: an update on next steps of the draft enabling resources work plan and a presentation of the foundational participation models for hybrid resources.
  • Phasor Data: an update on the proposed market rule and draft market manual amendments specifying synchrophasor monitoring requirements, as well as a discussion of qualitative benefits and quantitative cost ranges.
  • Stakeholder Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Presentations: DER stakeholders will be presenting their perspectives on the technologies that are most likely to benefit Ontario and how they should be incorporated into wholesale markets.
  • DER Potential Study: an introduction to the DER Potential Study project plan, presentation of the initial assessment of DER technologies recommended for inclusion in the study, and an outline of other parameters and considerations that must be decided upon for the study.
  • Resource Adequacy: a continuation of the discussion around the medium-term RFP, a presentation of preliminary results of the Hourly Demand Response baseline methodology review, and a discussion of design enhancements for the 2022 Capacity Auction.
  • Planning Forecasting Methodology Changes: an update on the Planning Forecasting Methodology changes that will be included in this year’s Annual Planning Outlook and future assessments.
  • Market Renewal Program (MRP) Market Power Mitigation Market Rules and Market Manuals: an opportunity for stakeholders to ask clarification questions on the market power mitigation batch of market rules and market manuals. Stakeholders can register for the meeting here and are encouraged to submit their questions in advance to

Attendees are welcome to participate in any or all sessions, and pre-registration is recommended. Please contact with any questions. In addition, please note that recordings and presentations from the August engagement meetings are now available.

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