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Monthly Engagement Update Posted

August 19, 2021

The August Engagement Update, which provides the current status and next steps of all active engagements, is now available, and meeting materials for next week’s sessions have been posted. To facilitate discussion during the webinars, we encourage participants to review the posted materials in advance.

The August engagement meetings will include:

  • DER Roadmap – Joint Targeted Call and DER Potential Study: an update from the IESO and the OEB with further details on the joint targeted call for the OEB’s Innovation Sandbox and the IESO’s Grid Innovation Fund. The IESO will also provide an introduction to the DER Potential Study.
  • MRP Implementation – Replacement of the IESO's Settlement System: a high-level overview of the implementation plan for replacement of the IESO's settlement system, including what's changing from a tool and process perspective, market rule impacts, and timelines for testing and training activities.
  • MRP Implementation – Market Rules and Market Manuals for Market Power Mitigation: an overview of the materials and review schedule for the market power mitigation batch of market rules and market manuals, plus an opportunity for stakeholders to ask initial questions.
  • Resource Adequacy: kick-off of the Medium-Term RFP engagement and continuation of discussions on the capacity auction with a review of the performance assessment framework.

Attendees are welcome to participate in any or all sessions, and pre-registration is recommended. Please contact with any questions.

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