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April Stakeholder Engagement Meetings – Materials Posted

April 8, 2021

The agenda and meeting materials for the April 21-22 stakeholder engagement meetings have been posted, and registration is open. To facilitate discussion during the webinars, stakeholders are encouraged to review the posted presentation materials in advance.

The April engagement meetings include:

  • Opening remarks: an update on the IESO’s innovation and engagement activities.
  • Enabling Resources: an overview of proposed priority projects and timing related to the development of an integrated plan to enable market participation of existing electricity resources
  • Hybrid Integration Project: an introduction to the proposed schedule of activities and draft definitions related to enabling participation of co-located and hybrid facilities in the market.
  • Resource Adequacy: a brief discussion of the mid-term framework mechanism, further details on administrative enhancements planned for the 2021 Capacity Auction, and draft scope for a review of the hourly demand response baseline methodology.
  • Improving Awareness of System Operating Conditions: an update on phase one and an introduction to phase two, including a more detailed overview of the advisory notice framework and operating states.
  • Testing, Training, and Market Participant Readiness for MRP: a high-level overview of the upcoming testing and training activities and future opportunities for engagement.

Attendees can participate in any or all sessions, and pre-registration is recommended. Please contact with any questions. 


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