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Date Change for Launch of Outage Management System Process and System Redesign

September 8, 2016

The new online outage management process and system will now go into service on October 26, 2016 (the previous implementation date was September 14).

In advance of the implementation, the IESO will host a webinar on the afternoon of September 27. The webinar will cover several themes of market participant questions that have been raised through the testing process. Some topics that will be covered include:

  • Setting up access rights and outage management related features in the Online Registration system;
  • Changing outage request information in the Outage Management system;
  • Recap of the final outage approval and implementation process; and
  • Outage request migration to the new system.

You can register for the webinar by emailing

Below you will find helpful information that will help you get prepared for the new process and system. Additionally, there are instructions for compatibility settings that may need to be adjusted based on your browser configuration.

How do you get prepared?

  • Avoid scheduling outages that occurring between Tues October 25 and Thursday October 27 (before, during and after the in-service date).  The IESO must reduce the volume of outages occurring over this timeframe to mitigate process and IT system-related cutover risks.
  • The IESO has produced several types of training materials such as a user guide, several videos to walk through specific situations and a recorded training webinar on the process and tools.
  • We also recommend that you become familiar with the new system in the sandbox (testing) environment before October 26

How do you assign access to the new system?

  • For access to the new Outage Management tool, there are one of two new contact roles required: "Equipment Outage Submitter" or "Equipment Outage Viewer".
    • The Equipment Outage Submitter will be able to submit outages as well as view previously submitted outages. The Equipment Outage Viewer will only be able to view outage without the ability to submit.
  • For staff that already have access to the current outage management system, no further action is required as we will be auto migrating any current roles to the new roles. 
  • For staff that do not have access to the current system, your organization's Applicant Representative will need to request access to one of the above contact roles in Online IESO.
    • Access to production (for Go Live) is requested at
    • Access to sandbox (for testing and familiarization before Go Live) is requested at
    • Select "Update Organization/Update Contact Roles" under the ACTIONS tab to get started.

I seem to be having trouble accessing the outage management system – are there settings I need to change?

Adjusting your Internet Explorer 11 compatibility settings:

  1. In order to properly view the outage request on the web the following setting changes need to be made to IE 11.


For browser and operating system requirements for other IESO Portal applications, please see  Supported Client Platforms.

Who can you contact for more information?

  • Further information on the Outage Management Redesign project including training materials for the redesigned process and tool is available here.
  • To inquire about the testing environment, or for more general inquiries on the new system, please email

This communication is being sent to all individuals with access to the existing Outage Management Tool, Primary Contacts, and Applicant Representatives and members of the outage management stakeholder engagement initiative.

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