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Introducing the new IESO Stakeholder Advisory Committee

April 30, 2015

The IESO Board of Directors is pleased to announce the members of the new IESO Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC). These members have been selected to provide policy level advice on behalf of five broad-based constituencies which include generators, consumers, transmitters and distributors (with one specific transmitter representative), related businesses and services (such as traders, aggregators and gas utility representatives) and Ontario communities (such as municipal, environmental and Aboriginal representatives).

The members are:

Brian Bentz, SAC Chair, Powerstream – representing Distributors
Steve Baker, Union Gas – representing Related Businesses/Services
John Beaucage, Counsel Public Affairs – representing Ontario Communities
Jack Burkom, Brookfield – representing Related Businesses/Services
David Butters, APPrO – representing Generators
Jared Donald, Conergy – representing Generators 
Julie Girvan, Consumers Council of Canada – representing Consumers
Valerie Helbronner, Torys – representing Generators
Geoff Lupton, City of Hamilton – representing Ontario Communities
Rob Mace, Thunder Bay Hydro – representing Distributors
Mark Schembri, Loblaw – representing Consumers
James Scongack, Bruce Power – representing Generators
Ersilia Serafini, Summerhill – representing Ontario Communities
Paul Shervill, Rodan – representing Related Businesses/Services
Adam White, AMPCO – representing Consumers
Todd Wilcox, North Bay Hydro – representing Distributors
Terry Young – IESO representative

*Transmitter representative to be added

The IESO appreciates the efforts and thanks all former SAC members for their support and advice provided on behalf of all stakeholders in Ontario.

In addition and in consultation with stakeholders and members of the former IESO and OPA SACs, the IESO Board approved a new Terms of Reference for the Committee. The new Terms of Reference and all future materials relating to SAC meetings, including its new membership are available on Stakeholder Advisory Committee webpage.

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