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Stakeholder Engagement Framework

Input from a broad and diverse set of perspectives across the electricity sector is essential to the IESO’s decision-making process. Under the Engagement Framework , regular designated monthly engagement meetings take place each month and span from one to three days, as required. This engagement format allows interested participants to more effectively plan their participation in IESO engagement activities.

Goals of the Engagement Framework

The engagement framework is aimed at enhancing the IESO’s engagement process by:

  • Providing greater certainty on the timing of engagement meetings allowing for enhanced preparedness and participation from stakeholders
  • Supporting an understanding of linkages between initiatives
  • Addressing concerns about stakeholder fatigue with fewer overall engagement meetings
  • Supporting a foundation for more comprehensive and integrated updates for Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC) and the IESO Board of Directors

How we collect your feedback:

During and following each engagement session, participants will have the opportunity to provide the IESO with feedback in various ways, including:

  • Utilizing an IESO Feedback form to address specific questions related to the topics of discussion. These forms are posted on the engagement webpage with an IESO response to feedback posted approximately 4-6 weeks from the feedback deadline.
  • Via email to Participants are welcome to ask questions of clarification or provide comments on any IESO engagement topic or process to better inform their formal feedback submission.
  • Targeted outreach meetings where the IESO and interested parties meet to discuss topics of interest that may require the exchange of confidential information to more appropriately share feedback.

Engagement Framework

Stakeholder Engagement Days

The framework is built upon a meeting schedule of monthly designated engagement days. One to three days (as required) will be dedicated each month, for meetings across all of the IESO’s engagements. Topics will be grouped together where possible to clarify linkages between initiatives and support information sharing.

Strategic Advisory Committee and Technical Panel meetings will continue on their current schedule for the remainder of the year.

Engagement Categories

Four engagement categories exist based on how stakeholders interact with the IESO. Each of these categories have a specific area of focus, but are also linked together as a cycle to recognize how they all work together.

Learn more about the IESO's active engagements.

Four engagement categories have been developed including forecasting and planning, resource acquisition, sector evolution and operations, and are linked together as a cycel to recognize how they all work together.

Forecasting and Planning: To support provincial and regional electricity planning over the next 20 years.

Resource Acquisition: To ensure we have the tools and processes to acquire the resources we need to maintain a reliable and efficient system.

Operations: To ensure that Ontario's electricity resources are operating reliably within the IESO-administered market, while also undertaking continuous market improvements.

Sector Evolution: A look to the future to see how innovation, new technologies and new collaborations can improve how we conduct our business.

Upcoming Engagement Meetings

Multiple engagements will be discussed over the course of these meeting dates, grouping engagements by topic to maximize stakeholder participation and create linkages and information sharing across initiatives. Participants can participate in all discussions or elect to participate in only some. To view available meeting materials, click on the dates below.

2024 Meeting Dates

January 16-18, 2024

February 22-23, 2024

March 21, 2024

April 23-25, 2024

May 22-23, 2024

June 19-20, 2024

July 23-25, 2024

August 21-23, 2024

September 17-19, 2024

October 21-23, 2024

November 19-21, 2024

December 18-20, 2024

Meeting Archive