Market Renewal Program Implications to Electricity Supply Contracts

The IESO is committed to working with electricity supply contract counterparties that are market participants to understand contract implications and address any changes throughout the design of the Market Renewal Program (MRP).

This web page will be updated on a regular basis to include information about group meetings and webinars that will be taking place. In addition, this webpage will include past presentation materials, webinar recordings, feedback and responses, as well as any other non-confidential information that may be relevant to all contract counterparties or broader stakeholders.

The IESO continues to encourage contract counterparties to ask questions related to their contract by emailing Contract Management.

Comments on IESO’s Approach to Amending Market Participant Contracts in Response to the MRP

On April 12, 2019, the IESO published IESO’s Approach to Amending Market Participant Contracts in response to the MRP, highlighting its approach towards implementing contract amendments in support of the MRP and invited stakeholder feedback. 

A summary of the comments received and IESO responses is available in the Stakeholder Feedback and Material from Past Presentations accordion below.


The IESO appreciates the comments and questions submitted by contract counterparties and stakeholders on the publication. If there are additional questions, or if further clarity is required, please contact Contract Management.