Market Renewal Program Project Status

Ontario benefits from a wholesale electricity market that has enabled reliable and cost-effective operation of the electricity system over the past 20 years. The value of the wholesale market will continue to grow as the electricity sector transforms over the next decade.

To realize this increasing value, the Market Renewal Program (MRP) is designed to address existing inefficiencies and modernize the wholesale market enabling it to support the integration of an increasingly diverse and decentralized mix of resources. These changes will deliver significant ratepayer savings and ensure continued reliable operations as the system becomes more diversified and complex.

Implementation Phase Market Participant Readiness Activities

Visit the Market Participant Readiness page to access the Day-In-The-Life summary documents to learn how participants can prepare for Market Renewal.

The chart below shows the timing for delivery of key documents that will help participants identify the impact of changes on their systems and processes, as well as anticipated timing for key readiness activities.

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Market Renewal Program Status Updates

On a quarterly basis, the IESO reports on the project, schedule and budget status of the Market Renewal Program (MRP).

See the Q1 project status update covering the period January – March 2024.