Greater Ottawa

Map of Ontario showing 21 electricity planning regions

Area Overview

The Greater Ottawa Region covers the municipalities bordering the Ottawa River from Stewartville in the west to Hawkesbury in the east and north of Highway 43. At the centre of this region is the Ottawa Area, comprising the City of Ottawa, including surrounding neighbourhoods of Kanata, Nepean and Orleans.

The local distribution companies providing service to customers in the area include:

  • Hydro 2000 Inc.
  • Hydro Hawkesbury Inc.
  • Hydro One Networks Inc.
  • Hydro Ottawa Limited
  • Ottawa River Power Corporation
  • Renfrew Hydro Inc.

Community Engagement

The IESO engages with local and regional communities to seek input to help inform planning activities.

Regional Planning Progress Update

A new regional electricity planning cycle has begun for Greater Ottawa that will examine local growth and future electricity needs. The new cycle started in late 2022 beginning with the Needs Assessment by Hydro One in December 2022.

The IESO is developing a Scoping Assessment Outcome Report and draft Integrated Regional Resource Plan (IRRP) Terms of Reference (if an IRRP is required) to determine the most appropriate planning approach going forward to meet the needs of the region.

The previous regional planning cycle for Greater Ottawa was completed in 2020. As part of this cycle, the IESO published the IRRP and Appendices in February 2020. Subsequent to the IRRP, the Greater Ottawa Regional Infrastructure Plan (RIP) led by Hydro One was published in December 2020.

Following the completion of the previous regional planning cycle, the IESO is developing a long-term plan for the Ottawa 115 kV transmission system (ongoing), and outlined a long-term plan for the broader bulk system electricity supply to Ottawa.

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