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IESO Releases 2007 Generation and Consumption Figures

Wind-powered generation in Ontario more than doubled in 2007, according to statistics released today by Ontario's Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO). In 2007, the output from the more than 400 MW of installed wind generation in Ontario totalled 1.04 terawatt hours (TWh) compared to 0.44 TWh in 2006.

"With an additional 700 MW scheduled to come into service over the next 18 months, wind will play an increasingly important role in Ontario's supply mix," said IESO President and CEO Paul Murphy. "We will continue to work with wind generators to find ways to accommodate the unique operating characteristics of wind-powered generation."

Nuclear generation continued to supply the largest amount of power in Ontario, with nuclear facilities producing 80.9 TWh in 2007, down 3.5 TWh from 2006. Hydroelectric generation also fell slightly in 2007 from 34.8 TWh to 33.4 TWh while coal-fired generation increased from 25 TWh to 28.2 TWh.

As percentages of total output in 2007, nuclear generation represented 52 per cent, hydroelectric generation totalled 21 per cent, coal-fired generation was at 18 per cent, and other fuel types (natural gas, oil, wind, biomass, solar etc.) totalled nine per cent.

At 25,737 megawatts (MW), peak demand in 2007 was considerably lower than in 2006, which saw an all-time record for electricity demand of 27,005 MW set on August 1, 2006. However, total annual energy use in the province rose slightly from 151 TWh to 152 TWh.

The average weighted electricity price in 2007 was 5.05 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) as compared to 4.88 cents per kWh the year before.

Ontario's exports totalled 12.3 TWh in 2007 while imports reached approximately 7.2 TWh.