Performance Management

The IESO’s performance management program provides greater oversight for the organization and its stakeholders, and helps ensure accountability and course correction, as needed. Corporate Performance Measures are a tool used by the IESO Board of Directors to assess the organization’s and management’s performance as they are designed to align management’s objectives and incentives to the achievement of IESO’s strategic objectives and priorities.

Starting in 2023, measures and targets have been revised to align with the IESO’s refreshed strategy and the 2023- 2025 Business Plan. Since the strategy update last spring, Directors and ELT members have been engaged in an iterative process to contribute refreshed measures and identify annual targets. This set of measures is intended to help improve engagement and provide clear identification with how work efforts contribute to the IESO’s overall strategy success.

The 2023-2025 Corporate Performance Measures have been established in parallel with the IESO’s Business Plan.

The IESO reports annually on its progress in meeting the performance targets set for the current year.

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