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Northern Ontario Voltage Study

Forecasting and Planning, Public Information Sessions

The IESO is launching an engagement to inform stakeholders that the IESO has concluded a voltage study undertaken to identify reactive power requirements for northern Ontario, complementing several transmission reinforcement projects that are underway or planned to start over the next few years and to share the study’s recommendations. As we stand on the brink of transformative changes in the region’s energy landscape, this strategic examination addresses pressing needs within the existing electricity infrastructure. The study not only aims to rectify current limitations but also anticipates challenges and opportunities, particularly with the integration of the Waasigan and Northeast Bulk transmission lines.

We invite all interested parties to join this engagement, emphasizing transparency and inclusivity. Stakeholders, encompassing everyone with an interest in Northern Ontario’s electricity landscape, are encouraged to participate in our public webinar session. This concise and informative presentation of the study’s findings aims to provide stakeholders with a clear understanding of the conclusions. Following the webinar, we are committed to publishing a detailed report, ensuring transparency and accessibility for all stakeholders, as we collectively shape the future of Northern Ontario’s energy infrastructure.

Related Information

Draft Engagement Plan

Schedule of Activities 

Timing              Engagement Activity Expected Actions

 April 15, 2024

 Final Engagement Summary Report


December 2023

Study Report: Bulk System Reactive Requirement in Northern Ontario

December 12, 2023

Public Engagement

  • Public webinar session where the IESO will present the findings of the Northern Ontario Voltage Study
  • Presentation

Recorded Presentation

This webinar was presented during the IESO's December stakeholder engagement sessions, see full agenda for more information