Global Adjustment Components and Costs

Actual Global Adjustment Components

The three values below represent the main components of the global adjustment used by the IESO to calculate the monthly global adjustment rate:

  • GA-OEFC-NUG (M$) - Contracts administered by the Ontario Electricity Financial Corporation with existing generation facilities
  • GA-OPG (M$) - Ontario Power Generation nuclear and baseload hydroelectric generating stations
  • GA-OPA (M$) - Contracts with the IESO (and with the former Ontario Power Authority) for new gas-fired generation, renewable facilities, energy from waste and biomass, nuclear refurbishments, as well as conservation programs.

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As of January 1, 2021, Global Adjustment costs for all electricity consumers are being reduced because approximately 85 per cent of non-hydro renewable energy contract costs are being shifted from the rate base to the tax base. Savings will vary, depending on consumers’ electricity consumption, ICI participation, and location. Further details on the Non-Hydro Renewables Funding Amount are available on the market summary reports, which are published on a monthly basis.

For historical global adjustment values, see Data Directory (Price).

2021 Deferred Class A Amount and Peak Demand Factor

Amendment to Ontario Regulation 429/04 directs the recovery of the 2020 deferred Class A amount from Class A market participants and consumers. The deferred Class A amount will be recovered in 12 equal monthly amounts (MDCAA) throughout 2021 and the portion of which will be allocated to every applicable Class A customer based on their peak demand factor (PDF) in proportion to the total peak demand factor (PDFT).

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Monthly Deferred Class A Amount - MDCAA ($)
10,589,905.79  10,589,905.79 10,589,905.79 10,589,905.79
10,589,905.79  10,589,905.79 10,589,905.79
10,589,905.79 10,589,905.79 10,589,905.79 10,589,905.79
Total Peak Demand Factor for all Class A customers for the month - PDFT
0.16651227 0.16621874
0.16621874 0.16615485
0.16635414 0.16633351 0.17154845
0.17002394 0.17002394 0.17002394  0.17002394

Global Adjustment Costs and Consumption by Customer Class

Total global adjustment costs and consumption figures are divided between Class A and all remaining, or Class B, customers. Class A customers pay a rate based on their proportion of energy use during the five established coincident peaks. The remaining costs are recovered from all Class B. The breakdown between the two groups is shown below.

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For historical global adjustment values, see Data Directory (Price).