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2024 Capacity Auction Training

July 4, 2024

The November 2024 Capacity Auction will aim to secure 1,600 MWs of capacity for the summer obligation period and 1,000 MWs of capacity for the winter obligation period. The IESO has a suite of training offerings available to prepare potential participants who may be looking to participate in this year’s Auction. In addition, an updated step-by-step guide to Capacity Auction participation activities, the Quick Takes: Capacity Auction document, is now available online.

eLearning Modules

Capacity Auction eLearning modules are now available through the IESO’s online training platform, Reach 360. These modules cover all periods related to the Capacity Auction. The IESO will automatically register existing Capacity Auction contacts for the modules. If you just recently registered, are not yet a Capacity Auction contact in the IESO’s online registration system (Online IESO) and/or would like to register for the eLearning modules, please email IESO Customer Relations at and include the following:

  • Organization name (name registered with IESO)
  • First and Last Name
  • eLearning Module(s) you would like to be enrolled in
  • Email that you would like us to use for your eLearning account registration (preferably your organization email address)

Question and Answer Sessions

The IESO’s Capacity Auction team will host Question and Answer sessions for participants interested in participating in this year’s Auction. These sessions are being held to address questions that may arise while completing the modules. Existing and prospective participants are encouraged to attend one of the following sessions:

For more information about the Capacity Auction, please visit the Capacity Auction webpage

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