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2024 Capacity Auction Timelines Published

June 20, 2024

The 2024 Capacity Auction will be held from Wednesday, November 27 to Thursday, November 28. The Capacity Auction Timelines document for the 2024 Capacity Auction has been posted to the Capacity Auction webpage.

In preparation for a period of growing capacity needs expected over the next several years, the IESO has raised its Capacity Auction targets to 1,600 MW of capacity for the Summer 2025 obligation period and 1,000 MW of capacity for the Winter 2025/26 obligation period. Those interested in participating, will need to complete the key activities by the specific deadlines listed in the timelines document.

The annual Capacity Auction continues to be an important component of the IESO’s Resource Adequacy Framework, bringing value to Ontario ratepayers while serving as an additional revenue opportunity for existing, non-committed demand response, generation, energy storage and capacity import resources. Capacity suppliers who secure an obligation in one or both of two six-month obligation periods (summer and winter) can receive a payment, based on the auction clearing price, for making their capacity available in the energy market during a window of hours on each business day.

For any questions related to registering as a Capacity Auction Participant, please email

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