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New Grid Innovation Fund Call for Proposals

April 11, 2024

With a growing number of Ontarians purchasing electric vehicles and heat pumps, the IESO’s Grid Innovation Fund (GIF) is releasing a call for proposals to leverage these technologies to contribute to grid flexibility, reliability, affordability and sustainability.

This year’s call will provide up to $9.5 million for proposals that will test new opportunities to demonstrate how aggregations of electric vehicles and weather-sensitive controllable loads, such as heat pumps with thermal storage, can be leveraged to provide grid services and demand side management at both the local and provincial levels.

In collaboration with the IESO, the Ontario Energy Board will serve as a regulatory partner, where proponents can concurrently seek guidance from its Innovation Sandbox.

There is an engagement session scheduled for April 23 to provide interested parties with information on objectives, times and eligibility criteria. More information about this year’s call for proposals can be found on the Grid Innovation Fund engagement webpage.

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