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New Member Appointed to the IESO's Board of Directors

February 1, 2024

The Minister of Energy has appointed Tom Mitchell to the IESO’s Board of Directors. Tom is the former President and CEO of Ontario Power Generation (OPG). During his time at OPG, Tom led the safe, reliable and cost-effective operation of OPG’s nuclear fleet and oversaw the successful completion of major hydroelectric projects such as the Niagara Tunnel and the Upper and Lower Mattagami Projects.

Tom also served as Chief Nuclear Officer for OPG and is currently Chair of the World Association of Nuclear Operators. He has also served on the Board of the U.S. Electric Power Research Institute.

He has an undergraduate degree in nuclear engineering from Cornell University, a Masters degree in mechanical engineering from George Washington University and an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Tom has also completed the Corporate Director program at the Rotman School of Management.

The IESO is looking forward to working with Tom to drive and guide Ontario’s electricity sector through the energy transformation.

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