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Small Hydro Program Launched

December 21, 2023

Small hydroelectric facilities can now apply to the Small Hydro Program, which was launched to re-contract facilities with capacities up to, and including, 10 megawatts. Facilities that are eligible for the program include those that have an existing contract with the IESO that expires before 2043, those that are uncontracted and those that have an existing contract with the Ontario Electricity Financial Corporation.

The Small Hydro Program is one component of the IESO’s Resource Adequacy Framework and serves as a mechanism to sustain investment in assets, resources and businesses that will provide value for ratepayers. There is no deadline to apply. All contracts under the Small Hydro Program run through to April 30, 2043.

For more information on the Small Hydro Program, visit the ‘Contracts’ section of the IESO’s website. 

For more information on the Resource Adequacy Framework, visit the Resource Adequacy Framework webpage.

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